Q: What are the basic Visa Requirements to retire in bali?

A: You or your spouse must be at least 55 years of age, have a combined household monthly income of $1500.00 USD (from pensions, or government provided retirement income), carry medical insurance valid in Indonesia, and you must employ a native of Indonesia.  The final requirement will be taken care of from your monthly maintenance fee.  You will meet with a visa agent while you are on your free trip to Bali to get all the paperwork started, and provide answers to your immigration related questions.

Q: I have Medicare, will that cover my medical Insurance Requirement?

A: Unfortunately, since Medicare doesn't work outside of the United States, and Indonesia requires your insurance to be valid within Indonesia, Medicare will not satisfy this requirement.

Q: Where can I find Medical Insurance that will Satisfy the Visa Requirement?

A: We have an article on our website that talks about some of the options available.  If you are having trouble finding health insurance, we are happy to help with this.

Q: Why does Indonesia Require an Income of at Least $1,500 USD per Month for the Retirement Visa?  Is it expensive to live there?

A: Indonesia has slightly higher than average retirement visa issuing requirements, because they price it with the most expensive "tourist" areas in mind.  North Bali is much cheaper, and you will probably spend around one third of $1,500 per month while living here, and still be able to live like royalty.  This will allow you to use your remaining funds for things like world-travel, visiting family, or tucking away in a rainy day fund.

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