Q: How Much Does it cost to buy a home in Bali?

A: Each apartment has a base price of $130,000 USD.  Any upgrades you select will increase this price.

Q: I don't want to live in Bali year round, what are my options?

A: If you prefer living part-time, a 6-month share is available.  Your base price would be $65,000 USD.  Your home would be shared with another owner, but there will be a lockable wardrobe for your things while you are not in Bali.  Only the first 6-month share owner will be able to claim any upgrade discounts.

Q: How much is the maintenance fee, and what does it cover?

A: The fee is $200.00 USD.  This fee covers all the upkeep, all utilities (excepting electricity), hot water, and housekeeping, groundskeeping, and pool service, all hazard and liability insurance, and much more.

Q: Do I have to pay the maintenance fee even if I am not living in Bali at the time?

A: If you are a full owner you are required to pay the maintenance fee year round.  For partial 6-month share owners, you only have to pay for the 6-month period you own.  Since this is a cooperative, maintenance costs are shared to bring considerable savings to everyone.

Q: Why isn't electricity included in the MAINTENANCE fee?  Is electricity expensive?

A: Because people's average electrical use varies considerably, we felt it more fair for everyone to pay for their own usage.  Your electric bill should be under $20.00 USD per month, obviously this can vary depending on your personal usage.

Q: Do you Provide Financing?

A: While we don't provide direct financing, we can help you work with a lending institution local to where you live.

Q: Do I have to pay taxes in Indonesia?

A: There is no income tax imposed on pensioners.  The property taxes are included in the monthly maintenance fees, so you don't need to worry about those, either.  There is a 10% tax for hotels, restaurants, and most goods; groceries are not taxed at all.  For a complete list of taxes (as of 2015) in Bali, click this link.

Q: What amenities do you provide?

A: We will have many amenities for you to enjoy.  Here are some of the luxuries you will have access to at The Village at Tegallinggah:

  • A large swimming pool with swim up bar
  • Pool-house with community center
  • Two guest-suites for your visitors
  • Concierge Service
  • A reflexology walking path that will massage your feet as you stretch your legs
  • Gym Memberships will be available for $5.00 per individual, or $7.50 for a family (note: this is the only amenity that is not included for free).  Membership to the gym also includes access to   a multipurpose sports court that will feature pickle ball, croquet, volleyball, and more
  • Three Bales (pronounced Ball-ays) which are traditional Indonesian style gazebos
  • Units will enjoy a 3 x 3 meter garden space that will be maintained by on-staff gardeners.  For those with a green thumb, you can claim this space for yourself, planting whatever you want and doing the gardening in this space yourself

Q: Can I bring my Pet?

A: Unfortunately, due to Balinese law, pets are not allowed to be brought to the island at this time.

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