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Bali Retirement Villages Buying Your Home

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Bali Retirement Villages Getting a Visa

Questions About Getting a Visa

Bali Retirement Villages Referral Program

Questions About the Referral Program

Q: How Much Does it cost to buy a home in Bali?

A: Each apartment has a base price of $130,000 USD.  Any upgrades you select will increase this price.

Q: I don't want to live in Bali year round, what are my options?

A: If you prefer living part-time, a 6-month share is available.  Your base price would be $65,000 USD.  Your home would be shared with another owner, but there will be a lockable wardrobe for your things while you are not in Bali.  Only the first 6-month share owner will be able to claim any upgrade discounts.

Q: How much is the maintenance fee, and what does it cover?

A: The fee is $200.00 USD.  This fee covers all the upkeep, all utilities (excepting electricity), hot water, and housekeeping, groundskeeping, and pool service, all hazard and liability insurance, and much more.

Q: Do I have to pay the maintenance fee even if I am not living in Bali at the time?

A: If you are a full owner you are required to pay the maintenance fee year round.  For partial 6-month share owners, you only have to pay for the 6-month period you own.  Since this is a cooperative, maintenance costs are shared to bring considerable savings to everyone.

Q: Why isn't electricity included in the MAINTENANCE fee?  Is electricity expensive?

A: Because people's average electrical use varies considerably, we felt it more fair for everyone to pay for their own usage.  Your electric bill should be under $20.00 USD per month, obviously this can vary depending on your personal usage.

Q: Do you Provide Financing?

A: While we don't provide direct financing, we can help you work with a lending institution local to where you live.

Q: Do I have to pay taxes in Indonesia?

A: There is no income tax imposed on pensioners.  The property taxes are included in the monthly maintenance fees, so you don't need to worry about those, either.  There is a 10% tax for hotels, restaurants, and most goods; groceries are not taxed at all.  For a complete list of taxes (as of 2015) in Bali, click this link.

Q: What amenities do you provide?

A: We will have many amenities for you to enjoy.  Here are some of the luxuries you will have access to at The Village at Tegallinggah:

  • A large swimming pool with swim up bar
  • Pool-house with community center
  • Two guest-suites for your visitors
  • Concierge Service
  • A reflexology walking path that will massage your feet as you stretch your legs
  • Gym Memberships will be available for $5.00 per individual, or $7.50 for a family (note: this is the only amenity that is not included for free).  Membership to the gym also includes access to   a multipurpose sports court that will feature pickle ball, croquet, volleyball, and more
  • Three Bales (pronounced Ball-ays) which are traditional Indonesian style gazebos
  • Units will enjoy a 3 x 3 meter garden space that will be maintained by on-staff gardeners.  For those with a green thumb, you can claim this space for yourself, planting whatever you want and doing the gardening in this space yourself

Q: Can I bring my Pet?

A: Unfortunately, due to Balinese law, pets are not allowed to be brought to the island at this time.

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Q: Why are you providing a free trip to Bali?

A: Nobody wants to buy a home they haven't seen in an area they are unfamiliar with.  We want you to get a chance to look at the property, and give you a tour of the area so you can get an idea of what living here is like.

Q: Is it really free?

A: The trip is free if you end up buying an apartment.  We require a 2.5% down-payment ahead of your trip, which will cover the cost of a 1-week vacation in Bali.  We will cover your air-fare, accommodation with breakfasts, and transportation.  If you decide to buy, the 2.5% is applied to the purchase price, making your trip to Bali free!

Q: I am already planning a trip to Bali, can I take a look at the property while I am there?

A: You are welcome to visit while you are on vacation in Bali on your own.  Please send an e-mail to so that we can schedule a meet-time, and provide directions to the property.

Bali Retirement Villages Schedule an in person tour

Schedule an in person tour

Q: What if I want to stay longer than 1-week?

A: If you want to stay in Bali longer than a week, we are happy to schedule your return flight for whenever you wish to return home.  However, we will only cover expenses during the first week of your trip.  The return flight, of course, will still be included in your free stay as long as it does not increase the cost of the plane ticket over a 1-week trip.  In this case, responsibility for the overage amount will be to the buyer.  Additionally, we will not book travel in the case that you would be required to pay more without getting your consent first.

Q: How many people can I bring with me?

A: The trip is only for the potential owners.  You can bring your spouse or partner with you for free, as long as they will be living with you in Bali.

Q: What will I do during my Trip?

A: You will tour the property, the surrounding area, make your color, and upgrade selections, and experience some local tourist destinations.  You will also visit the visa agent, the supermarkets in Singaraja, visit some traditional markets, and visit restaurants at Lovina Beach.  You will also be meeting with a visa agent who will answer your immigration questions, tell you what you need to bring on your return trip, and get your retirement visa started.

Q: What should I bring with me?

A: You will need to bring your passport, a few hundred dollars spending money (this should be more than enough, however you can get a credit card cash advance of up to $300.00 USD in Singaraja for a fee of about $1.50 USD), a credit card (with zero foreign transaction fees is best, e.g. Capital One), try to limit luggage to one checked bag (45 pound limit) per person with a small carry on, a pair of comfortable walking/hiking shoes, swim attire, any prescription medications must be in original containers with prescription label attached, fanny packs are handy and make sure to bring a camera!  Also, keep in mind if you are traveling from the United States that Indonesia uses 220 volts, and a different plug style.

Q: Is there anything I shouldn't bring?

A: You may not bring any nonprescription drugs.  Marijuana is strictly illegal in Indonesia, and may not be brought into the country, even with a prescription. Drugs brought into the country can lead to a 5-year jail sentence.  Click this link for some more travel information.

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Q: What are the basic Visa Requirements to retire in bali?

A: You or your spouse must be at least 55 years of age, have a combined household monthly income of $1500.00 USD (from pensions, or government provided retirement income), carry medical insurance valid in Indonesia, and you must employ a native of Indonesia.  The final requirement will be taken care of from your monthly maintenance fee.  You will meet with a visa agent while you are on your free trip to Bali to get all the paperwork started, and provide answers to your immigration related questions.

Q: I have Medicare, will that cover my medical Insurance Requirement?

A: Unfortunately, since Medicare doesn't work outside of the United States, and Indonesia requires your insurance to be valid within Indonesia, Medicare will not satisfy this requirement.

Q: Where can I find Medical Insurance that will Satisfy the Visa Requirement?

A: We have an article on our website that talks about some of the options available.  If you are having trouble finding health insurance, we are happy to help with this.

Q: Why does Indonesia Require an Income of at Least $1,500 USD per Month for the Retirement Visa?  Is it expensive to live there?

A: Indonesia has slightly higher than average retirement visa issuing requirements, because they price it with the most expensive "tourist" areas in mind.  North Bali is much cheaper, and you will probably spend around one third of $1,500 per month while living here, and still be able to live like royalty.  This will allow you to use your remaining funds for things like world-travel, visiting family, or tucking away in a rainy day fund.

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Q: If I refer two buyers who close on property, how much do I get?

A: You will get $6500 per full-time buyer for a total of $13,000 USD.

Q: What if I refer a buyer, but decide not to buy my home in Bali?

A: The referral program is only for people who purchase a home from us in Bali.

Q: Can I still refer people if I am buying a 6-month share?

A: Absolutely.  The referral program is available to all buyers.

Q: I was referred by someone else, can I participate in the referral program as well?

A: Of course.  Any buyer can participate in this program.

Q: Can I use the referral program if I took advantage of another promotion?

A: Yes.  The referral program does not prevent you from taking advantage of any of our promotions.

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