The Retirement Village at Tegallinggah Dedication

The Retirement Village at Tegallinggah has been completed to the 95% point of construction on the apartment project and the "Melaspas*” or dedication ceremony was held on the 9 March 2017 at noon.  The date and time were chosen by a Balinese priest leader (Jro Mangku) as it was believed to be“the good day" based on Saka Calendar.  We invited all parties who had helped this project; workers -their family and friends-, vendors, chief of village, and neighbors.  We now invite you to watch  the mini video we captured during the ceremony.  Enjoy!

*Melaspas is an Indonesian ritual cleansing and purification of buildings recently completed or newly reoccupied, including a rumah (home), kantor (office), and others. Melaspas are carried out by Hindus in BaliIndonesia. The word melaspas comes from Bali which consists of two words that MLAs and PasMLAs means dividing and Pas means to fit in. Melaspas also reflects that buildings are usually made up of two elements, namely wood and Batu (stone). For Balinese Hindus, this ceremony must be carried out and has become a tradition.