Find a Dolphin or Two at Lovina Beach in Northern Bali

One of the best kept secrets in Northern Bali is Lovina Beach, otherwise known simply as Lovina.  Since this gem is still relatively hidden, you won't be over-run with other tourists when you visit.  If you really want to avoid other tourists, avoid August and Christmas-time.

There are a lot of things to do here.  You can go for a walk along the black sands on the 12km (7.5 mile) beach-front.  Maybe browsing the local shopping huts is more your speed.  There is also diving, and snorkeling in the calm, sparkling, sapphire waters.

Probably the most famous—and arguably the most fun—activity here is dolphin watching.  For anywhere between 5-20 US dollars per person (60,000 - 250,000 rp) you can sail out in the calm waters about a kilometer from the coast to see literally hundreds of dolphins.

Finding a tour-guide to take you out is easy, since many of the locals at Lovina rely on dolphin tourism as their sole source of income.  For the best dolphin viewing, it is best to get out into the water by about 6am, as the dolphins love to come out in play in the twilight of dawn.  Once you are underway, the whole experience will last about two fleeting hours.  Rest assured, however, that these will be two hours of your life you will always remember fondly; the unforgettable time you went out and sailed among the dolphins in beautiful Northern Bali.

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