Airport Coming to Northern Bali

Bali already has an international airport on the south side of the verdant, tropical island, but those traveling to and from the northern end may have cause to celebrate because the International Airport project is back on track.  The governor of Bali, Made Pastika, recently told NusaBali:

 "I have already received a detailed plan from Airport Kinesis Canada (AKC) which is the most serious proposal I have seen to date. They have conducted a long-term survey and are now awaiting supporting recommendations from the provincial government and the regency. These recommendations are one of the requirements needed by the Ministry of Transportation."

Don't break out the champagne glasses just yet, though, as the airport project will cost around Rp 30 trillion—roughly 2.3 billion USD—which will not be paid for by the Indonesian government.  If private funding can be secured, however, construction would take place in the Regency of Buleleng in Kubutambahan.  Additionally, opponents of the project claim that not only would it take away from the relative calm of the north, it would do nothing to alleviate traffic in the south, near Denpasar.

Once construction begins, it is estimated that it will take five years to complete this project, which will be built on reclaimed land.  The proposed name for the new airport is the Dwijendra International Airport.