Bali: The Best Place to Retire in the World

Where is Bali?  That’s the first question most people have after hearing about The Bali Retirement Villages. To answer the question; Bali is in the Indonesian Archipelago, nearly touching the island of Java, not so far from Komodo—land of real live dragons—and a short flight from Australia.  Indonesia is a land that seems almost alien to most of the western world, it breathes as much diversity as it boasts islands (which are near innumerable).  Bali is the island within Indonesia known for being a relaxed, tropical paradise.  Indonesians, Australians, Chinese, and westerners alike come here for vacation.  Most return, because in addition to its beauty, it’s also affordable.


As beautiful as Bali is, it gets better as you go north.  The tourists tend to stay near the southern side of the island near the airport, so most of the tourist related industry is focused there.  As you head north the culture of the Balinese begins to shine, the prices start to go down, and the tourists become scarce.  There is a tranquility in North Bali.  One that you won’t find down south.  One that you won’t find in most parts of the world.


The Balinese culture is built on top of the peaceful foundations of Buddhism and Hinduism, traditions that have been on the island for more than two thousand years.  Life is sacred here.  Ceremonies are performed daily to celebrate, and protect all life on the island.  Tranquility, peace, and harmony are the culture here.  In fact, they have a philosophy for it.  Tri Hita Karan, or “Three things that create happiness.”  These are to be in harmony with nature, harmony with god, and harmony between people.  This philosophy is the culture, the way of life, the very lifeblood of Bali.  Because of this cultural philosophy of Tri Hita Karan, crime is virtually unheard of here.  Crime is against the very nature of the Balinese.  The spirit of Bali is a very gentle, calm, and compassionate one.  This makes Bali one of the safest places to live in the world.


This cultural belief in peace, harmony, and tranquility is the reason The Retirement Village at Tegallinggah exists.  Which leads to the next questions we get, “Where is Tegallinggah?”


You probably have already surmised it is in North Bali.  It is a small agricultural village where the culture of Subak irrigation is practiced by nearly all the villagers.  It’s remote enough to be utterly quiet and peaceful, yet it is still just minutes away from shopping, activities, and beaches.  It’s about a 15 minute drive to Singaraja (which means Lion King), a city with supermarkets, restaurants, shopping, and more.  The lovely town of Lovina is also nearby, which boasts miles of beaches, tours to see dolphins in the wild, and many wonderful restaurants—including my personal favorite, a very tasty German place.


The prices are much lower here in the area surrounding Tegallinggah, up to 70% lower than prices in Denpasar, in the South.  Dining out in Tegallinggah can cost as little as a dollar (US) while dining out in Denpasar will usually cost you at least eight—did I mention the food here is out of this world?  You can retire comfortably here for less than $600 per month leaving yourself an ample supply of extra income.


Even though most things up here in Tegallinggah, North Bali are already inexpensive, we wanted to make living here even more affordable.  To meet the retirement visa requirements you are required to hold health insurance, and have an Indonesian citizen in your employ.  We provide maid, landscaping, and maintenance services, and since the cooperative (which is owned by the homeowners) employs the locals for these roles, you will meet this requirement immediately. 


We also negotiated a deal with a local hospital to provide medical insurance for everyone who buys a home at our 55+ retirement community.  We have had a water study done on the land, to ensure that the water here is potable, which means you never have to buy bottled water—the water here tastes better than bottled water, too.  All of the utilities are taken care of, with exception of electric (which should cost about $15 dollars per month).  We also take care of transportation to do shopping, and will sponsor community outings.  The apartments are fully furnished, complete with TV and have wifi access.  There are too many bonuses to enumerate here.  You get it all, plus more for only $200 per month ($215 or so if you include the cost of your electricity).


The affordable prices, the vibrant, gentle culture, the warm sun, the great food, the peace, the tranquility…  these all point to one conclusion.  Bali is the best place for seniors to retire in the world, and North Bali is the best place to retire in Bali.  We invite you to come home to our 55 plus retirement community here in Tegallinggah, Bali.  Retire happy.