Retire in Bali-Paradise with our Christmas Comes Early Program. Here is our list of holidays savings : 

  • The first 8 (eight) shares of stock : $ 44,900 per share (for apartments 1C, 2C, 2E & 2H)

  • The next 8 (eight) shares : $49,900 per share

  • The next 8 (eight) shares : $54,900 per share

  • The final 8 (eight) shares : $64,900 per share

  • 1 (one) share = 6 (six) months lease per year, every year 

  • 2 (two) shares = 12 (twelve) months lease per year, every year
  • Stock sales or transfers will be allowed after the first six months of ownership

  • Subletting is now allowed (some restrictions apply)

These prices, whether for six months or year around, are the one time, full purchase price for your apartment. You can pass it down to your heirs, or sell it at any time.