Living in paradise just got easier with our referral program.  For every full-time buyer you refer, you will receive a $6500 USD discount off of the purchase price of your home.

Do you know someone who only wants to live in Bali 6-months out of the year?  No problem, you will still get a $3250 USD discount for each part-time buyer you send our way.

How it Works:

  • You must have already reserved, or purchased your home from us
  • Fill out the Referral Form below to let us know you referred someone and get them to reserve their home; we will confirm the referral in our communication with both of you (the referral form must be submitted BEFORE the person you are referring reserves their unit)
  • After we confirm receipt of the referral form, the person you are referring can place their reservation
  • Once both you and the person you referred have completed the buying process, you will receive a check for your referral bonus

Referral Program FAQ

Q: If I refer two buyers who close on property, how much do I get?

A: You will get $6500 per full-time buyer for a total of $13,000 USD.

Q: What if I refer a buyer, but decide not to buy my home in Bali?

A: The referral program is only for people who purchase a home from us in Bali.

Q: Can I still refer people if I am buying a 6-month share?

A: Absolutely.  The referral program is available to all buyers.

Q: I was referred by someone else, can I participate in the referral program as well?

A: Of course.  Any buyer can participate in this program.

Q: Can I use the referral program if I took advantage of another promotion?

A: Yes.  The referral program does not prevent you from taking advantage of any of our promotions.