All of the projects that are a part of The Bali Retirement Villages will be retirement community cooperatives.  Since every village will have unique needs, they will all have their own cooperative associations.  All owners will be voting members in their cooperative.  Board members will also be owners.  In Tegallinggah, the governing cooperative is "The Retirement Village at Tegallinggah Association."

Based on the projected 2017 operating budget for "The Retirement Village at Tegallinggah Association", the monthly maintenance fee per unit will be $200.  This will cover 6 days per week housekeeping, weekly linen service, satellite TV, WiFi internet access, building, pool and grounds maintenance, 24 hour on site security, concierge, all hazard and liability insurance, twice weekly grocery store transport, water, septic, and trash pick up.  Owners will pay their own electric.  Other amenities include 128 sq meter pool with swim up bar, 64 sq meter pool house/activity room, two guest suites, reflexology walking path, relaxing Balinese bale bengong's.  The adjacent property will be offering gym and sport court memberships.  

In order to maintain a warm, community atmosphere, the apartments are intended for year-round living, and are not to be rented out.

The buying process is outlined below:

  • You fill out the reservation form, reserving your apartment.
  • We will send you a welcome e-mail. You will reply to schedule a time to setup a phone call to answer your questions, and talk about the next steps.
  • After the phone call, we will send you the offering circular which includes the bylaws and other legal documents for you to go over.
  • Take a week to review and decide.  At this point your first 2.5% down payment is due, after which we will book your travel.  
  • We will book your flight to Bali based on your availability.  Your flight will be a minimum of 6 weeks after your down-payment is received.
  • Once you are in Bali, you will choose your apartment and any upgrades you wish to purchase.
  • When you return from Bali, you will provide your final 7.5% down-payment, plus the costs associated with any upgrades you choose.
  • 60-days after the final down payment is received, your home will be finished, furnished, and ready for occupancy.  At this point your final payment is due, and you will receive your shares and the proprietary lease.

You can call this village in Tegallinggah your home for the price of $130,000 USD.  Click on the "Reserve Your Apartment" button below to start the buying process.  We will confirm your reservation within 24-48 hours.

We are looking forward to seeing you in paradise!