It all started with a trip to Bali...

Once discovering the beauty of North Bali, a dream was born.  A retirement community for seniors who wanted to live their golden years luxuriously in a relaxed, affordable environment.  

After years of research and planning, property for the first 16-apartment project was discovered in the village of Tegallinggah.  The dream became a tangible reality.

The property for the first site is an ideal location.  It is remote enough to provide a peaceful, village experience, while being close enough to the city of Singaraja to provide for modern day needs.  The surrounding property is lush with mango, papaya, and banana trees.  Every apartment built will have a view of the ocean, and will benefit from its cooling breeze.

With the land purchased, permits were acquired, contractors were hired, and finally ground was broken.  Construction on our first project is well underway, and is on schedule for completion in January 2017.