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Living in Bali Overview

Bali is the most popular travel destination in Indonesia.  It is so famous, that many tourists don't realize it is in Indonesia before they travel here.  This isn't an off-base assumption.  Even after traveling here, it is distinctly different from the other islands in the Indonesia archipelago.  The culture, religion, food, and overall lifestyle is very different from the other islands.  The people are relaxed and friendly—a stark contrast to Indonesia's busy capital city of Jakarta.

Living on the North Side - The Hidden Gem

As Bali differs from the rest of Indonesia, the North Side of Bali is quite a bit different from the South.  The South is heavily invested in tourism, and as such this is where most of the tourists are.  Things in the South are crowded, loud, things move much more quickly, and traffic is a more chaotic version of New York City, or LA.  The first time I visited Bali, I stayed overnight in Denpasar (which is the southern city everyone flies into) and immediately thought, this isn't the peaceful and tranquil experience I was hoping for.

Luckily the next day I took the long ride up to North Bali.  What a difference.  As you move your way north you can almost feel things slowing down.  The tourists thin out, interactions with locals feels less forced, and you start to get the impression that up in the North Bali is still Bali.

There is wonderful balance between the rural, and modern conveniences.  There are farmers working in the rice fields, chickens roaming free, yet you are never too far from restaurants, supermarkets, and pretty much everything else we are used to in the west.  There is so much to experience, and so much to do.  North Bali really is heaven on earth.